Frequently Asked Questions

What is the inclement weather plan?  If it is only raining without thunder and lightning, we plan to start the race on time barring any unforeseen electronic complications. If there is thunder and lightning, we will delay the race until safe to start. Worse case scenario, if the weather is simply too nasty and unsafe to start, we would cancel the race. Our goal is always not to cancel, but there is always a chance when hosting an outdoor event.

Are strollers allowed during the race?  Yes, but please position yourself towards the back so as not to block other runners.

Are headphones allowed during the race?  Headphones are not banned, but strongly discouraged for safety reasons.

How will the race be timed?  The  5K will be chip timed.  The timing chips will be affixed to the participant’s race bib.  The following rules must be followed by participants to ensure chip reading when crossing the start and finish line mats:

  • Bib number must be clearly visible on the front of the torso
  • Bib number must be unaltered (do not cut or fold)
  • Bib number must be pinned on all four corners
  • Bib numbers must not be covered (jackets, fuel belts, water bottles, etc.)

Do the proceeds from the race benefit a charity?  No.  The race is funded by the Columbus Lowndes Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Columbus Cultural Heritage Foundation and held in conjunction with the Spring Pilgrimage.  The goal of the race is to provide a healthy family oriented event associated with the Spring Pilgrimage.  The Columbus Cultural Heritage Foundation is a non-profit entity and all proceeds from the race will pay for operating expenses and be invested back into the community.

Can a minor participate in either race?  Yes, however an adult must register the minor and accompany the minor to the event.  The adult must also sign the participant liability waiver form for the minor at packet pick up, and remain at the race for supervision.

Will the roads be blocked during the race?  We will have Police at key intersections and volunteers at all turns guiding runners and blocking traffic.   There will also be a Police car leading the race and the Fire Department on the course.  However, due to the race being held in a downtown area with multiple intersections, we cannot guarantee that there will not be some cars on the course at any given time during the race.  Each runner should exercise caution throughout the race.  Traffic is usually very light this early on a Saturday morning.

Can packets be picked up by someone other than the participant?  Yes, however the following items must be presented at packet pick-up:

  • Copy of Participant’s photo ID
  • Letter of permission signed by participant

Are the courses well marked?  Are there volunteers at the turns?  Are the roads closed to traffic?

Course will be well marked with ORANGE arrows at all turns and intersections, as well as volunteers at the turns. There are arrows from other races on the course, but DO NOT follow any arrows that are not ORANGE tape.

A few intersections will be briefly closed for runners, but for the most part, the roads are not closed to vehicular traffic.  Watch closely for cars, especially at the intersections.  If you use earphones, consider using only one earbud for safety.

Will there be a bag check area for runners?

No.  The start and finish for both races will be at the race site, so each participant will be close to their cars.